jueves, 1 de marzo de 2012

It's all about the Cookies...

When I started baking cookies, I began to think in how would it be to decorate cookies as if they were (at least for me... :P ) real art pieces.

I remember I searched over and over for lots of information in so many blogs and webs, and I found so rewarding the fact of designing every cookie, let the imagination and inspiration flow in every one of them, reaching something really special in each cookie itself.

The thing is that…in fact…I never thought in baking real cookies, I mean “real real cookies”, the ones with those chocolate chips and some nuts pieces on them.

I don’t know why…Maybe I thought that there was nothing special in baking those classic cookies…I mean…Ok, they are chocolate chip cookies, but…What piece of me could I offer in each one?

I didn’t found nothing extraordinary, so I went from doing so…

…Till now…

And what I have to say is that, definitely, I found what I could put in those cookies that could be real and authentic…

And is their taste!

It’s so difficult to believe that these cookies, which appearance isn’t so great, could be so real good tasting.

The true is that they really are!

These ones are made with brown sugar, wich provide the special flavour and sweetness to the dough. They also contain white chocolate chips, and litlle walnut’s pieces.

They are perfect for some moment in the afternoon, with a great glass of fresh cold milk, reading your favourite book while you taste this little piece of happiness.

I know their look isn’t the perfect one; decorated cookies are much more spectacular than these are, but I prefer thinking that they are different cookie types: 

- Decorated ones are for making a gift, for that particular ocassion that requires something special and personal for those loved ones you have in mind, enjoying their design and flavour in common... 

- Real cookies are simply for enjoying their real taste, for that special moment on your own, when you need something sweet after a long working day or just for a sweet moment for yourself.

I couldn’t continue baking without experimenting in doing these real cookies. 

The result is right here:

Mmmm ! Real good tasting Chocolate Chip Cookies above !

 I recommend everyone to do their own real cookies !

Thx you all for reading !

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