domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

A new star * has born!

Could anybody tell me if there's something more beautiful and gorgeus than a new born?

When a little baby arrives for the first time into a new family is such a reason for happiness and celebration for everyone. People share joy and best wishes all around, taking advantage of the situation to see all that family persons that didn't see from a long time ago.

Too Good to be True... Can't take my eyes off...

Have you ever felt like waking up in the perfect morning?

Think about it... You wake up, in a sunny winters' Sunday, already in your sleeping suit, cold outside but so warm at home, with your favourite song playing on the radio... Sun is comming in through the window, drawing beautiful shades as long as the sun rays get, warming everything around it, and suddenly you think in what would you desire for breakfast.

sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

A good picture for a good start

By the time I was reading my first entry, already posted, I was thinking in begin to post some photos of my hobby, just for you all to see it and - why not!? - for my personal satisfaction to see it posted in a public blog.

Inspiration comes along

Sometimes inspiration comes along in a way you never expected that case, my advise is to take the opportunity in the moment that suddenly arrives.