sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

A good picture for a good start

By the time I was reading my first entry, already posted, I was thinking in begin to post some photos of my hobby, just for you all to see it and - why not!? - for my personal satisfaction to see it posted in a public blog.

I've been doing this for about a month, and the truth is that I started just because I liked so much decorated cookies, and when I was informing myself about it, I felt more and more atracted to learn how to do that!!

So I started searching blogs, webs, books and articles about all that matters with cookies, and I found it such an original way to express oneself, so I decided to start!!

The truth is that if you don't live in the USA you have limited options to do it well (at least "as well as you see in the movies or in the internet"). But fortunately there are some (not many) stores, as well as on-line stores, that could help you do it come true.

So I went for it! I made my first baking in one weekend, and when I brought them to my friends to taste them with some coffes and teas my surprise was that...everyone loved them!!

I was so impressed I decided to do more...and then some little more...till now!

Here I am, with some baked decorated cookies and I was thinking in something more to make it complete... "Why not a blog?"

That's how MyGoodCookies started and I hope it will last!

Thx you all for reading!

PS: By the way...pictures above are about my first baked decorated cookies! As you can see, I droped too much royal icing in some of them...I gotta improve my own technique, just a matter of time!

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  1. Grande!! Felicidades por la filosofía de MuaMui.
    He tenido el privilegio de probar los productos y tiene que ser pecado tanto placer para los sentidos!!!.

    1. Tu si que eres grande! Ya sabes, nuestro templo siempre será el mismo, pero hasta que consigamos llegar...siempre nos quedarán nuestras GoodCookies ;)