domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Too Good to be True... Can't take my eyes off...

Have you ever felt like waking up in the perfect morning?

Think about it... You wake up, in a sunny winters' Sunday, already in your sleeping suit, cold outside but so warm at home, with your favourite song playing on the radio... Sun is comming in through the window, drawing beautiful shades as long as the sun rays get, warming everything around it, and suddenly you think in what would you desire for breakfast. walk into your kitchen and start to look for what could you prepare.

"OK, I have some oranges, my favourite coffee... But what can I get to accompany all that and make it perfect?"

You start to look for what could it be. And finally you discover.

"Why not one of those home made cookies I baked yesterday?"

Believe me! It has nothing to do with those industrial cookies we all use to buy at the supermarket!

Finally you got it!

It beggings making your juice in your squeezer, removing all the pulp from it to get it perfect; continues switching on your coffee machine, wich is perfect if it's an expresso one.

It beggins to smell like freshly made coffee and your senses start to react.

You drop it in your favourite and beautiful coffee cup, observing it becoming more and more creamy each moment that passes by.

And you take your cookie box to decide later wich one would you prefer.

It's nice to find poetry in every single act in the ordinary life... I think it helps to improve one's sensibility and to put passion in everything you could do.

Sometimes it's hard to belive that something so common as a breakfast could become such a sensorial experience, but I think it's positive to try it and see what happens. It allows to take yourself everywhere you'd like to go, and perhaps it's important to do that in a stressful life that I think we all have in some moments.

Well... This is the result!

Seems just too good to be true... Can't take my eyes off My Good Cookies!

Can't we find beauty in every single thing in our life and forget all that problems and worries just for a moment?

Yes, we can!

Thx you all for reading!

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